...to my newly revamped website, now free from all those ruddy CSS bells and whistles of the old design. This makes it easier for me to update as I no longer have to fear that every update could potentially destabilize the whole design leading to the web equivalent of vomit.

To view my artwork (or at least the stuff I am allowed to show) go to my GALLERY.

For a little more information on the chap behind all this malarkey, you might want to look at my BIO.

To purchase prints and a variety of other nifty thirdart related stuff, have a gander in the window of the SHOP.

Need to contact me? The details you require can be found in the CONTACT page.

To see other stuff that is not mine, I have a LINKS page where I can send you to the furthest reaches of the internet.

Lastly, I have a BLOG of sorts that I occasionally dump sketches, step-by-steps and other entertaining bits.